A laboratory report also known as the scientific paper is a tool to communicate the results of scientific inquiry. After experiments are completed, researchers find the lab reports handy in attempting to persuade others to accept or reject their hypotheses by presenting the data and their interpretations. The main goal of lab reports are documenting one’s findings and to communicate their significance.

How well you write your report will determine how your course work will be graded, therefore it is paramount that you demonstrate your understanding of the experiment and put record your findings in a scientific format and style akin to this genre of writing. Your lab report should therefore focus on the experiment and provide some background information to give context to your own observations.


In addition to presenting data, a good lab report showcases the writer’s understanding of the concepts that yields the presented data. More is required other than just the documentation of the expected and the observed results.

FreelanceWritersPlanet researchers and scientists do more than just presenting the experiments’ findings. They go an extra mile by identifying how and why deviations occurred, explain how they affected the experiment, they also bring out your understanding of the principles the experiment was designed to probe.

Other than having the report presented in a popular scientific format, we follow your other personal instructions on your lab report requirement and adhere to (any other writing style that you prescribe to us).

We prepare the abstract of your lab report to summarize the four key aspects of the report: The Purpose of the experiment, key findings, significance and major conclusions. We also include a brief reference to theory or methodology to your custom abstract.


In writing the custom lab report, the introduction is more narrowly focused than the abstract. The introduction should be presented in a skillful way such that it states the objective of the experiment as well as provide the reader with the background to the experiment.

FreelanceWritersPlanet researchers state the topic of your custom report vividly but in a concise form. They also present to the reader with background theory and past research conducted within the same study field which is important for the reader to be conversant with.

In this section the materials and methods used in the experiments should be also be reported here.

Under experimental procedure, the writer needs to comprehensively describe the process in a chronological order. Here our writers employ the use of clear paragraph structure to elaborate on the steps the steps in the order they took place.

In as much as the results of your custom lab report is riddled with lots of tables, graphs, pie charts and calculations, we go an extra mile to present the all the results in a verbal form.

In the discussion area we bring out the fact that you have understood the experiment beyond the average level by giving explanations, analysis and interpretations where necessary. We understand that the importance of this part of your report and therefore we lay a strong emphasis on this part.

Under conclusion we give a summary of the outcome of your examination. Closely following are the References of your report work. Other than the report format, we emphasize on the clarity of information being relayed on your lab report. In addition to this we organize the various components of the report in a manner that reflects the standard that you prescribe to us.

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