The statements that follow relate to the policies and procedures of

The rights and responsibilities of both our company and our clients are also spelt out in these statements.

We urge all our clients to read a number of policies on our site as they provide additional detail regarding the statements in this disclaimer. Placing an order for products or services on our site translates that you agree to all the terms of the policies, regardless of whether you have reviewed them or not.

Any queries concerning specific sections of this Disclaimer or any other policies on our site should be directed to our customer service department for clarification.

Contact Information for Customers

We require each client’s full name, email address and a telephone number. This information will be used to contact you if more information about your order is needed.

In the event that we are unable to reach you due to incorrect contact information, we are not liable for any resulting delays.

Completing the Order Form

We want to fulfill each client’s needs accurately. To do this, we require all of the details of any writing order.

While completing an order form, client’s are urged to fill in all required fields with as much detail as possible so that the appropriate writer is assigned, and so that the writer is clear about how to proceed.

Carefully check your order form before submission. A confirmation of your order will be sent by email. Please check it again, and contact customer service immediately if there are any errors.

In case an error is established after your writer has begun working on your order, and the error results in additional work, an additional fee may be charged. Further, if such a change results in delay of production and delivery, then the company is not responsible for that delay.

Note: One of the most frequent mistakes made by customers while completing an order form is indicating the incorrect academic level. This can be serious as it may lead to the wrong writer being assigned and, if a new writer has to be assigned, the old writer still has to be paid for his/her work.

This will translate to additional charges to you, and your written work cannot be delivered until payment has been made. If you notice that you have indicated the incorrect academic level, you should contact us promptly. Such an error can certainly delay delivery, and the company will not assume responsibility for it.


Each customer is given a personal account page, so that he/she may be able to send and receive messages. It is crucial to check this page each day during the production process, for the reason that your writer may have queries before he/she can proceed. We will always try to call you in the event of an emergency. If you do not respond to messages, calls, emails or texts, we cannot be held responsible for any resulting delays.


Unless it is specified otherwise by the customer, writers employ the most appropriate sources for the type of writing and for the academic level of the customer. Customers are free to specify resources to be used.

If they are readily available on online libraries to which we have access or subscriptions, those resources will be used.

In the event that they are not available readily, it will be up to the customer to upload them on his/her account page so that they are readily available to the writer within a period of time that is reasonable, on the basis of the customer’s deadline.

Please adhere to the instructions you will be given for uploading your resources. If you do not upload the resources within the given time frame, it may result in delays, and if the company has to pay for access, that charge will be added to the customer’s fee, and the product will not be delivered until that additional charge is paid. In general, the time frames for uploading resources that follow apply:

  • Upload due within 8 hours for a deadline of 2 – 14 days

  • Upload due within 1 hour for a deadline of 12 – 24 hours

  • Upload due within 20 minutes for a deadline of 12 hours or less.

Cancellation of an order

We are aware that on a rare occasion, the customer may have to cancel an order. If the order has not been assigned to a writer, a full refund will be made. However, if a writer has been assigned and work has already started, we will pro-rate a refund based on the amount of work already done.

The amount to be refunded will be calculated by our claims department. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing of refunds. You can also opt to have any refunds applied as credit towards a future order.


A customer is allowed to request revisions to a final draft, if he/she is not satisfied. Requests for revisions are made on the personal account page or by contacting a customer service representative.

If the revision request does not change the original instructions on the order form, no additional charge will be applied. Likewise, if a writer did not follow any specifications, it will be free.

If the revision request involves a change of the original order, then an additional charge will be applied.

Making payment

You may use any standard payment method – credit or debit card, E-check, PayPal or wire transfer.

Please understand that a writer will not be assigned to your order until a payment has been made. If your financial institution requests for identity verification, we will request identification documents from you.

These must be availed as promptly as possible to avoid delays. Delays in payment may delay production and delivery, and the company will not assume responsibility for these delays.


Meeting even the most urgent deadline is not a problem for us, as long as the customer stays in contact with us. If you do not respond promptly to questions or messages, resulting in delays and a missed deadline, we will not be responsible.

Customer Use of Products

Customers accept and agree to the condition that all products received from are for personal use and as references.

The customer is in agreement not to sell or share products from the company. In addition, the company is not liable for any consequences incurred by a customer due to his/her use of products from the company.


Plagiarism has never been an issue for us, because all our writing is subjected to a software scan before going out to the customer. If you suspect that any product you receive from the company is plagiarized, please submit a TurnItIn report indicating the plagiarism. If any product from the company were to contain plagiarism, we would do its revision free of charge.

Technical Issues

If there are issues with the internet or browser; if power outages occur; if there are hardware issues; or if communication issues arise which are beyond the company’s control, the company cannot be held responsible for resulting delays.

Customer Care/Support Department

This department is open throughout the years, 24 hours a day. If a customer has any queries of problems, a member of the department may be contacted using the messaging function on his/her account page, through email, telephone, or through the live chat feature of the company.

Company Customer Support Team

Our team is available 24 hours a day to be of service to all our customers. If you have a question or an issue, you may reach a team member through live chat, by email, by telephone or through your personal account on  our site.

Legal Jurisdictions/Questions

The company operates under the legal jurisdiction of the location of its headquarters. If a customer’s jurisdiction has laws regulating internet retail sales and purchases, it is the responsibility of the customer to know and abide to those laws. If it comes to the attention of the company of any fraud or cybercrime related to the use of its website or the purchase of any of its products or services, the company will cooperate with any investigations and prosecutions.


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Special Pricing Offers/New Services

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