prides itself in providing you with the highest quality of service by incorporating the help of creative and highly-qualified writers.

They will capture the topic at hand effectively regardless of the level of education ranging from high school, Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD papers.

How are our writers hired?

We check on a writer's Proficiency in English as a Language

Our writers are selected based on a strategy that guarantees you, as the client, the best value for your money.

Our qualifications are strict enough to ensure that all writers have undergone extensive education in the particular field and that their English proficiency is above par.

To start with, each writer undergoes an English test to test their proficiency in written language. Additionally, through this test, we determine their ability to use the necessary formatting styles and their effectiveness in accessing appropriate peer-reviewed literature.

Time consciousness is key when evaluating our writers

During the process, we also expect the writers to demonstrate time-consciousness by providing them with a task which they are expected to complete within a given time-frame.

In so doing, we are able to determine the proficiency of the writer in the given topic and their ability to work under time pressure.

We ensure that all our writers can complete their orders within the given timeline since we understand that some of our clients might need their papers urgently.

We also ensure that they can work on different subjects to guarantee that they cover the most topics they can for a customer.

Progressive evaluation of writers places a lot of emphasis on providing high quality services. Consequently, we focus on evaluating our writers on a frequent basis to determine their progress and abilities.

We have a specific department that evaluates random pages from a writer’s orders and provides feedback depending on the writer’s performance.

Further than that, the writers are evaluated with regards to their comprehension of the English language their formatting skills and they writing style.

We also provide a system where customers can rate writers based on the efficiency of the writer and offer recommendations for other customers in the future.

Origin of our writers

Based on the fact that our enterprise is online-based, we hire individuals from different parts of the world.

However, most of them originate from ENL (English as a Native Language) countries such as the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

The main emphasis is placed on their grasp of English and their competence in understanding the subject and their writing skills.

We guarantee that all tasks will be completed on time with the highest quality of assignments you will find in the current market.